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1. Can several users use the same computer / IP / Network to play?
2. I can't login. What happened?
3. Why can't I restart my player?
4. My new team is now a BOT, can I join my old team?
5. How do I set an optimal training regime?
6. How do I make an Ad?
7. Training Guide - Part 1/5
8. Training Guide - Part 2/5
9. Training Guide - Part 3/5
10. Training Guide - Part 4/5
11. Training Guide - Part 5/5
12. Does Adaptability have an effect on National Team Matches?
13. I have FS Fan Silver. Can I manage a National Team?
14. If I restart my Player, will I lose FS Fan?
15. Does the 1 month rule apply, or will I be able to manage a new club with my new player?
16. If I send a friendly contract termination, does the manager have to accept it?
17. My max fine is $$$$$ so if I pay it, can I break the contract and leave the team?
18. How often can I reset my player?
19. How do I link to another topic?
20. What do the colored skills mean?
21. What are the currency exchange rates?

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