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General Info Positions
   Name mcca’s
   Full Name mcca team (2736)
   Country England (Manchester
   Team Harmony 50%
   Manager Malcolm Parker   
   Staff See list
   President Jason Tinkler
   Vice-President Luke Tang

Logo Match Kit

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Team Competitions
   Financial Situation   Terrible
   Training Ground Very Good (Big)
   Players 11
   Average Age 20 Years
   Players Value €1454504
   Wage Average €2821
   Star Player Wouter van Ruiten
   Team Leader Manuel Salvador
   Current Division B - 1 (3rd Place)
   Cup Status Round 1
   Games Without Winning 1
   Defeats in a Row 1

Stadium Trophy Room
   Name Wembley Stadium
   Capacity 60000 Terraces
   Average Attendance   30756 People
   Supporters   26857 people

Press Conference

For record my players don’t get picked over others , truth be told 70% of strikers refused NT call ups before I took over I sent mails to strikers they got ignored I even I there’d the sub FC role to 2 other 17 year olds before I have it to my player , I also hear iam vein slagged off by certain players , if u have issue with how I run under 18’s then come to me as ask me, and must I also inform you all , while iam the under18 nt manager I was asked to do the role I didn’t ask for it , it was given to me to help out, if the English players playing aboard didn’t refuse NT call ups the under 18’s would off been in a better place , iam having to work with about 7-8 active players and about 4 who post and at this time we are fighting to win are group and head to World Cup , iam sick off having to defend why so and so is pick why is he picked above me , why won’t u hold my hand and tuck me up at night etc , it’s beyond a joke now , is this community that narrow minded now it’s resorted to slagging every motion off behind there back instead of coming to speak to them , I try to answer any mails I get when I can , ATM I have a baby due in 6-10 weeks iam running a 3 bed house and sorting 3 kids and a mrs who is having a really hard time during this pregnancy and trying to work full time 14 hour days including travel , yet I give what little I have of my free time to help community where I can and help out run the under 18 nt , iam very stressed ATM and my temper is very limited ATM so coming at me with stupid. Mail will most likely get u a rant

Released In 27/07/2014

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Am looking forward to travelling to Wembley Stadium for the U18 World Cup Final

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